Automated Data Collection for Origin/Destination Studies of Freight Movement

Project Description: 

The collection of reliable Origin/Destination data for freight has profound consequences for a large range of applications in both planning and operations. Indeed, in both research and practice, a large number of applications rely heavily on such data.
This project has four major objectives:

  1.  Assess gantry-mounted cameras and OCR technology for collecting large sets of O/D Data.
  2.  Develop a database-based system for O/D data archival and analysis.
  3. Design and deploy a hardware system for rapid installation in a large number of installation scenarios on highway gantries.
  4. Design and deploy a solar-based system for power.

Final Report

Automated Data Collection for Origin/Destination Studies of Freight Movement


  1. "Automated Capture of Freight Origin/Destination Data using License Plate Readers", presented at the 2013 UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region in Orlando, Florida, April 3-5, 2013.

Project Information Forms:

  1. January 2013
  2. July 2013
  3. January 2014
  4. July 2014
  5. January 2015
Describe Implementation of Research Outcomes (or why not implemented) : 
  1. Alternative foundation design approved by FDOT
  2. New contractor quotations
  3. Database programming
  4. Simulation dataset developed
  5. Routing algorith tested.

Research has developed a plan to expedite the project and plans to install solar and camera systems this quarter. 


This is a practically oriented project which relies data collected from cameras mounted on several highway gantries, lighting systems for license plate reading, solar power, and software for data analysis.

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Impacts/Benefits of Implementation (actual, not anticipated): 

An inexpensive and automated method for Origin/Destination data collection. 

Principal Investigator(s) Contact Information: 
Department of Civil, Environmental & Construction Engineering 4000 Central Florida Blvd. Orlando, FL 32816 (407) 823-3592
University of Central Florida
Start and End Dates: 
5/1/2013 - 12/31/2014
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