GT's Kari Watkins Discusses JAPA Paper of the Year with The Atlantic's CityLab

Recently, Dr. Kari Watkins of Georgia Tech spoke with Aarian Marshall of The Atlantic's CityLab, contributing to the ongoing discussion of public transit agencies' use of social media in communicating with their users. 

The article, "How Public Transit Agencies Deal with All Your Angry, Mean, and Terrible Tweets", discussed riders' potential expectations in regards to these agencies' online presence, and how they used social media, particularly Twitter, to communicate with transit companies. Watkins, who recently served as principal investigator on the NCTSPM project "Mobile Technology Usage Amongst the Transit-riding Populace", opined that many times, user are "just upset... [and] not actually looking for people to respond".

Be sure to check out the rest of the article for more information, as well as Watkins' research at NCTSPM. 

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