GT's Guin Makes Mark on Transportation Field

Recently, Dr. Angshuman Guin's work was highlighted in a Fox 5 Atlanta news story. Guin, of Georgia Tech's School of Civil and Environmental Engineeirng, is researching ways to make interstate ramp meters more efficient and to speed up interstate travel, among his many other projects.

For this research project, Guin has plotted travel time in relation to ramp meters, showing when traffic begins to build and how modifying ramp wait times can be used as a tool to control highway congestion levels. Through his work, travel times can be reduced by up to 24%.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has been very supportive of Guin's research. For more information on his current projects, please follow the links below. These ten projects cover diverse sectors within the fields of civil and transportation engineering, and are impacting the state of transportation as it is currently known. 

  1. Centerline Rumble Strips Safety Impact Evaluation
  2. Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Automation (CVHA) Technology: Simulation of Benefits and Operational Issues
  3. Enhanced Role of Activity Center Transportation Organizations in Regional Mobility
  4. Evaluation of Intersection Countermeasures on High-Speed Rural Multilane Facilities
  5. Evaluation of the Cost Effectiveness of Illumination as a Safety Treatment at Rural Intersections
  6. Feasibility Study for Using Video Detection System Data to Supplement Automatic Traffic Recorder Data
  7. Integrating Intersection Traffic Signal Data into a Traffic Monitoring Program
  8. Micro-Simulation Based Framework for Freeway Travel Time Forecasting Summary
  9. Real Time Estimation of Arterial Travel Time and Operational Measures through Integration of Real Time Fixed Sensor Data and Simulation
  10. Safety Impact Study of Centerline Rumble Strips in Georgia

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