Georgia Tech's Watkins speaks at Innovation in Public Policy Summit

In early June, Dr. Kari E. Watkins of Georgia Tech took part in a panel of speakers at the Innovation in Public Policy Summit. This session, which focused on the power of information in transportation, was sponsored by the Mobility Lab.

In her presentation, Dr. Watkins spoke about the positive effects that providing real-time information on transit arrival times can have on rider wait times and their levels of satisfaction with their transit experience. She mentioned of the OneBusAway program, which makes use of this model of in tracking busses in urban areas, as a successful example of this strategy being put into practice. 

Dr. Watkins also emphasized the importance of maintaining all aspects of transit and infrastructure in order to increase ridership and improve rider experiences, rather than just focusing on one area. She made the point that transportation policies must ensure that vital systems are well-maintained. 

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