Dr. Patricia L. Mokhtarian on "It’s All about the People: What Insights Can Travel Behavior Research Bring to Transportation Policy and Planning?"


Dr. Patricia Mokhtarian recently joined Georgia Tech after 23 years at the University of California, Davis. In this seminar she offers an overview of her past, present, and future research interests, and invites a conversation on ways to employ those interests in the service of transportation planning and policy in the Atlanta region. Topics to be touched on include:
-- the impacts of new communication technologies on travel;
-- the desire to travel for its own sake;
-- the role of self-selection in the impacts of the built environment on travel behavior;
-- activities conducted while traveling, and how they affect mode
choice and the valuation of travel time;
-- the characteristics and travel behavior of voluntarily zero-
or low-vehicle owning households; and
-- trends in driver’s license

Video of Dr. Mokhtarian's presentation

Date and time: 
Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 11:00am

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