About UTC


The University Transportation Center at the Georgia Transportation Institute (UTC/GTI) is committed to developing into a Center of Excellence providing high-quality leadership on research, education and technology transfer to address issues related to transportation system productivity (including both passenger travel and freight of all modes), economic growth, and finance.

UTC/GTI works with local, state and regional agencies to identify research problems that support their needs and identify opportunities for them to advance to the next level. The goals of UTC/GTI are to educate a new generation of students who well versed in art of multidisciplinary thinking and problem solution and can collaborate effectively in teams to tackle problems with systems dimensions; provide continuing education opportunities to keep practitioners at the cutting edge of systems methodologies and technologies with transportation applications; and provide technology transfer resources to disseminate knowledge.


The nation's transportation system needs and challenges require an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. Economic growth will result in substantial pressure on the system's ability to handle passenger and freight demands. At the same time, market pressures for enhanced transportation productivity (e.g., just-in-time deliveries) focus attention on system bottlenecks and related investment strategies needed to keep pace with global productivity improvements. The availability of funding influences the public and private sectors' abilities to address any of these issues. These issues focus our attention on the important contributions of the UTC/GTI. What are innovative funding sources for investing in the future of the nation's transportation system? And what are the connections between different finance strategies, economic growth and transportation system productivity?

Strategic Objectives

UTC/GTI’s strategic objectives are tailored to advance the USDOT strategic objectives in research, development and technology transfer.  They include the following:
  • Conduct multi-disciplinary research on topics relating to the relationships among economic development, system productivity and finance
  • Disseminate research results and other products of the UTC to the transportation community
  • Provide transportation education and professional development on topics relating to economic development, system productivity and finance
  • Establish a central point of contact (e.g., through a web site or list serve) for materials related to investment in the national transportation system
  • Promote diversity in the workforce through active recruitment of women and minority students into degree programs
  • Act as a national resource for the debates and discussions that focus on the evolving national transportation program
The UTC has a strong partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation, which is providing the majority of the matching support for the UTC. Other matching support comes from Georgia Tech, other UTC institutions that are part of the Center, and other sponsors. The UTC is also seeking partnerships with many different organizations and agencies that are concerned with economic growth, system productivity and finance.